GB Whatsapp Pro Apk Download 2022

GB Whatsapp Pro Apk Download: Friends, every person uses whatsapp in their everyday life, so but nowadays some different types of GB are using Whatsapp 2022, which is a completely new form of original Whatsapp, in which we get to see a lot of functions.

If friends, once you have downloaded GB Whatsapp on your phone instead of the original Whatsapp, then you will stop using the original Whatsapp because it has such features which we do not get even on the original whatsapp.

Today we will talk about the features of Whatsapp gb and GB Whatsapp pro 2022 and will also tell you how to do Whatsapp apk download in 2022

What is GB Whatsapp apk 

Friends GB Whatsapp can share one type of message, photo, audio, video and file. And with the help of this app you can also do group chat.

You can create a broadcast of 600 contacts in GB Whatsapp apk. You can share 90 photos simultaneously. Apart from this, you can also hide the last scene for a specific contact.

Inside GB Whatsapp apk, you get different color and photo themes which we do not get in original whatsapp. Apart from this, 16 new icons can be used for messages notifications.

If I will tell you about one of the features, then this article will be very much later, so we will talk about the main features inside this article.

GB Whatsapp apk pro | GB Whatsapp 2022 apk features 

  • In GB Whatsapp, you can customize every option as per your wish, which we do not get in the original Whatsapp, for which most people use GB Whatsapp apk pro. 
  • In GB Whatsapp apk pro, you can download the biggest file or photo in a few seconds and send it to any other person easily, if you want to download any big file in orginal whatsapp then you take a lot of time and when When it comes to sending a 200 MB file to someone, it takes 5 to 10 minutes. 
  • If you want to delete someone by messaging and the person in front cannot read that message, then you can also delete your messages. After which those messages get deleted.
  • Within GB Whatsapp apk, you can put your status in status in 250 words.

GB Whatsapp Apk Top Best Unique Features in 2022

  • Hide Typing : GB Whatsapp Apk When you type a message to someone, the user gets to see the typing mark in WhatsApp! But in GB Whatsapp pro we can hide typing.
  • Hide Bluetick: When we receive someone’s message and read it, then we get to see Bluetick on Whatsapp, but with GB WhatsApp, you can hide that Bluetick. So when you get to someone’s message, then that person will feel that you have not read that message yet.  
  • Always online : In GB Whatsapp Apk, you can show yourself online even when you are offline, with the help of which someone will take that you are online 24*7 
  • Stop Internet: If you have been affected by the notification in WhatsApp, then you can turn off the Internet from your GB Whatsapp Apk and use other apps like youtube 
  • Off Line backup : GB Whatsapp Apk Offline backup of your WhatsApp data can also be done in GB Whatsapp! You do not get this feature in normal WhatsApp. That’s why it’s very cool features 
  • Password Protection : Within GB Whatsapp Apk, you also get the facility of password protection for all chats and messages in GB Whatsapp users! And you do not get this feature even in normal whatsapp.

GB Whatsapp pro apk Download 2022

Friends, if you are also thinking of downloading GB Whatsapp Download, GB Whatsapp apk on your phone, then I am also going to tell you how to download in this article.

How can you download GB Whatsapp in your phone because when you have been told so much about it, then you should also be told how to download, then before we start

Is it right to use GB Whatsapp Apk or not?

It is absolutely safe to use GB WhatsApp apk and you do not need to pay any kind of money for this. If you want to update GB WhatsApp then you have to update manually because this kind of aapplication is not official.

Friends, when we have to download Hill Climb Racing Game in our phone or computer, then we blur its free version that how we can download it.

Then we download its mod version which is cracked by another developer and doing this is illigal but it does not mean that our phone or computer will be damaged but we are using that thing in a wrong way. And to rasa is illegal.

If you ask to use GB Whatsapp, then you can do it only for educational porpous because even our website thegamesupdate does not support any illigal content.

How to download GB Whatsapp apk in 2022

Friends, it is very easy to download GB WhatsApp apk, to join telegram channel by clicking on the link of telegram channel given below.

As soon as you join telegrame, you will get the dowload link of GB WhatsApp, with the help of which you can use it easily.

For jatiyad information, you can watch the video made by us whose link is given below and you can easily use this Gub Whatsapp


Friends, all the information given by us in this article, we have given only for educational porpous and our website and our team also do not support piracy, i

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